Intergovernmental Organization Membership

IGO Membership Compatibility Data

The Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) membership compatibility dataset provides relevant information regarding IGO membership criteria for IGOs existing during the period from 1965 to 2005.


Mineo-Marinello, Grace and Brandon Kinne. 2017. “Intergovernmental Organization Membership Compatibility Dataset, 1965-2005.” University of California, Davis.

Dataset and Codebook

IGO Membership Requirement Data

IGO Membership Requirement Codebook


IGO Membership Data

This is a directory that lists state affiliation with international organizations, over the 1815-2005 period. Data were collected by Timothy Nordstrom and Jon Pevehouse. The first file is a general affiliation file covering the 1815-2005 period on a state-year basis. The second file is in the IGO affiliation subdirectory and has one affiliation file for each year, with the abbreviation of the IGOs in the top row (check out the codebook for the full name and function of the IGOs). The third item provides a set of files that specify IGO affiliation by function.


Pevehouse, Jon C., Timothy Nordstrom, and Kevin Warnke. 2004. “The COW-2 International Organizations Dataset Version 2.0,” Conflict Management and Peace Science 21:101-119.

Wallace, Michael, and J. David Singer. 1970. “International Governmental Organization in the Global System, 1815-1964.” International Organization 24: 239-87.


  1. IGO Affiliation: The file covers the 1815-2005 period on a state-year basis.
  2. IGO Affiliation Subdirectory: The file contains one IGO affiliation file for each year.
  3. IGO Affiliation by Function:
    1. Strategic IGO Affiliation
    2. Economic IGO Affiliation
    3. Administrative IGO Affiliation
    4. Other IGO Affiliation


  1. IGO Codebook
  2. IGO Readme File
  3. IGO Affiliation by Function