Terrorism and Global News Coverage


These data include co-mentions of country names in the news related to stories covering incidents or discussions of terrorism. The news stories were collected in Lexis Nexis searches from the time period 2000-2010. Each annual network Xijt = the number of times country i and country j were mentioned in a news story about terror or terrorism in year t. The networks are symmetric and contain valued data.

The current data set available below includes a ZIP archive containing 4,384 .CSV tables. These tables are 250 x 250 matrices in which rows and columns identify states in the international system, and entry (i, j) contains the number of times countries i and j appeared in the same news story about terrorism. There is one table per day, for the date range 2000-01-01 through 2011-12-31. Updates will be available soon.

Barnett, George A, Jeanette B Ruiz, Jesse R Hammond, and Zhige Xin. 2013. “An examination of the relationship between international telecommunication networks, terrorism and global news coverage.” Social Network Analysis and Mining 3(3): pp 721–747.

Daily Co-mention Zip File

2000 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2001 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2002 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2003 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2004 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2005 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2006 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2007 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2008 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2009 Terrorism Co-Mentions

2010 Terrorism Co-Mentions